News Broadcast – Manchester Blitz

We worked together as a team to produce a news broadcast using iMovie following our independent research into the Blitz in Manchester during 1940 – 1941. We uncovered many frightful facts and were able to include some of these in our report. We will use this research to write our news reports independently tomorrow.


Manchester Blitz News Broadcast

Myself (Dylan), Jamie, Jack and Daniel have created a news report based in WWII during the Blitz in Manchester. We researched the Christmas Blitz using a range of websites and previous newspaper reports after completing KWL sheet to answer the key questions : when? Why? Who and where?

We used green screen technology and iMovie to create our own news broadcast – we hope you like it!



Blitz Hits Stockport – a News Report

Me (Rose), Kai, Paisley and Holly worked together to research the Blitz of WWII and how it affected the people of Stockport. We began by carrying out our own research and then worked together to plan our news report. We recorded using iMovie. This will help us to produce a written news report about the Blitz in Stockport tomorrow.


The Blitz

We have been reading a great book called ‘An Eagle in the Snow’ by Michael Morpurgo which is set during the Second World War with flashbacks to the First World War. This week we have been thinking about one of the main characters, Barney, who is a child living in Coventry during the Blitz. In order to write from Barney’s perspective we carried out some research to find out what the Blitz was, when it happened and where. We presented our findings using Tellagami.

Please take the time to watch our short clips in the iMovie and leave us a comment.