Creepy Carl by Jennifer

One mysterious evening  Carl went into a random house and never came back out! A week later everyone was looking for him everything was out of control loads of fire engines  crashed into houses and set on fire! The fireman rolled out screaming.

“Help me please!” the shouted. Carl came out of the random house dressed up as king Tutanharmun! Everyone screamed and hid into the sewers that are full of vermits and rats. Carl pounced like  a animal gobbling up its food. Carl grabbed loads of people with blood splirting out of the middle of there bodies he gobbled up all the people he grabbed animals as well and that was the end of the world…

Midnight! on halloween by Annie

Midnight! the pumpkins are lit,  the moon is up

and blood is dripping from my new toy pup!

Look there is a vampire

and in the window there is a toy fire

Trick or treat “who is it sweetie?”

We are having pie for tea its very meaty

Look over there that skeleton’s walking

Lets say hi wile the mums are talking

Time for bed say all the characters that we have met on amazing fantastic super fabulous awesome cool great spooky scary adventure!




A trip to space

One misty day. I wanted to have a trip to space so I built a giant rocket  so I flew to space first I went to mars and I saw one eye’d  alien and the alien was slimy like a slug so i went to jupiter it was a very hot planet I was getting really hungry so I had a sandwich but I could not eat it because the helmet was in the way so I got even hungry so I  zoomed to the Moon so I got my flag to quickly I ran onto the middle and placed my flag down were I sanded so I walked  down to the rocket and flew to pluto. Pluto was my favourote planet off all pluto was so tiny it was like an ant but finally I could fit on pluto but I saw 10 aleins on pluto there was one with 6 feet and the second one has got 18 eyes I was creeped out so I ran so fast as fast as a big giant cheerter so I flew back home so I sat on the sofa and have a nice warm cup of tea so I went tobed and I had a dream off what im going to do tomorrow. So tomorrow im going to  neptune and there were more aliens more then 10 or 17 … and there were 107 aliens on neptune but there were asleep so i sneeked past them and i saw earth so i got in the rocket and flew back home and it was the best day ever .The end.

The Halloween Project ! By Bethaney !!!

Listening to the howling and crying of a dressed up ghost as I decided that I would go trip or treating were you go and trick or treat but you fall over to knock on the door on a house door. Befor I got a fright on the door step I decided to make a quick ascape and scare others. After getting  £2 of one house I walked to the next house  they gave me a massive fright by dressing up as a clown and I absaloutly hate clowns, so I ran to the next house and they deffanatly had nothing that frightened me then I walked past there bedroom window and I got splashed then went home to change clothing. The next week at school we were doing an assembly about halloween and we did work on it as well. Th the year 6 class did the same as us and they were being  aclass of copy cats.The next halloween we never did it again.