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Miss Archer wrote: Persevering with tweezers
Freddie came to complete the funky fingers challenge. He tried very hard to pick up the marbles with the tweezers and balance them carefully on the balance holes on the mat. Freddie held the tweezers in his right hand and initially found it tricky (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Using tweezers
Angel persevered to use the tweezers to pick up the marbles to balance on the mat for the funky fingers challenge. Angel held the tweezers in her right hand, using them one handed to pick up each marble. (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Picking up with tweezers
Lexi persevered to pick up the marbles with the tweezers as part of the funky fingers challenge this week. Lexi held the tweezers in her right hand but used her left hand to grip the top of the tweezers to steady them a she pinched them to pick up th (More)
Miss Heritage wrote: Tiger pattern
Abbie used her thumb and forefinger to rip pieces of paper to create a tiger pattern. I asked Abbie about the pattern she had created. "It starts off big and gets smaller, smaller, and smaller. I'm going to put a tiny one on it now" she said. (More)