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Miss Archer wrote: Significant numbers
Inaya used the chopsticks to pick up some foam pieces hidden in the rice. She held the chopsticks in her right hand to manipulate them. "I got 4, because I am 4" she showed me. Inaya then picked up another foam piece "now I have 5, my sisters 5" Inay (More)
cselby wrote: Counting
After our maths lesson Freddie decided to sit and help Muddles build the number line again independently. Freddie selected each number in the correct order to make the number line up to 10. Freddie came to show me when he had finished and was very pl (More)
Miss Heritage wrote: Numbers on a clock
Bentley looked at the clock and recognised numerals on the clock face. Bentley watched as the second hand ticked around the clock identifying the numbers the hand was on. (More)