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Miss Archer wrote: Rhyming string
George played the rhyming game. He found a rhyming pair of ladybirds. " lip and zip rhyme!"  (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Counting in 2s
IMG_4821   listen to Eddie counting in 2s, in order all the way to 20! Eddie then Continued to count in 2s, sometimes missing out 2/4, in order up to 58. "In only know up to here, 58"  he told me. M:N ELG EXC (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Patting the sand
Bentley was building a model in the sand with his friends, I asked Bentley how was he making it? " I'm patting the sand down flat for the lion hideout"  working towards next steps: explain how he made his model and why. EAD:EUMM ELG (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Going to the hairdressers
Heidi pretended to be a hairdresser, pretending to cut Miss Archers hair! Heidi wrote my appointment  in her book "your appointment is at 10 o clock, it'll cost 40 quid!"  Heidi pretended to use scissors, manipulating her fingers to be the sc (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Counting in 10s
IMG_0350 IMG_0351   listen to Jessica counting in order in 10s to 100! First she counted in order, then she counted again showing me 10 fingers each time. M:N ELG EXC (More)
Miss Archer wrote: My train has passengers
 Lexi made a train in the construction area by lining up the blocks in a long line. She chose other resources and lined these up on top of the blocks. "These are the passengers, the passengers are on the train"  I asked Lexi how many passeng (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Trash or treasure
IMG_4710  listen to Mahdi sounding out a word!   mahdi confidently segmented and blended sounds to read words to decide if they were trash words, fake, or real words, treasure. Mahdi segmented words confidently, recognising and reading gr (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Christening
Heidi was chatting to her friend about going to church. "When it's a christening you go to church and you pour water over babies so they can see Jesus. It's Hallies christening soon, in 3 sleeps."  UW PC ELG C&L S ELG (More)
Miss Archer wrote: All about the bible
Noah was chatting to his friends about the special book he bought in yesterday to share with his class. "It's a Bible, its about Jesus. Jesus stands on the cross. When it's Christmas I got that bible. There's loads of pages. The bible tells you ab (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Choosing resources
Freddie chose to make a robot tummy in the creative area using boxes and tape. Freddie initially just stuck the box onto his tummy with no decoration. I encouraged Freddie to add a little bit more detail to his model. Freddie chose some straws. "T (More)
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