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Miss Archer wrote: Different friends
Jamie has been playing with Joseph this week, a different friend.  Jamie was playing with the playdough and Joseph walked past him. " Joseph! Come and play with me!" He called. "Okay!" Joseph agreed. (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Candles on the cake
 Iris made some cakes in the malleable area out of the snow doughnut, she used to spatula to scoop the dough into each cake case in the baking tray. "There's 3 strawberry ones and 3 chocolate flavour, that's 6 altogether" iris then put candles on (More)
Miss Archer wrote: 4 people
Jamie was helping his friends to build a house and chose to use some wooden people "I have 4 people here, 1,2,3,4" he counted them for his friends. (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Adding Numicon
Freddie explored the Numicon  pieces. He put two pieces together and matched the other same piece on the top to show me it  was the same. Freddie came to show me "9 and 1 make 10" he told me. I helped Freddie to say this as a number sentence "9 a (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Hoop throwing
In PE today we worked in pairs to practise throwing a beanbag through a hoop. We took it in turns, one of us held the hoop by our tummy to hold it out and one of us threw the beanbag, aiming through the hoop. We made sure we pulled our arm back and t (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Mine is full
Noah came to the funky fingers area to fill the containers with the oats. Noah used the spoon in his right hand to scoop the oats into the bowl. "It's full" Noah showed me his bowl to describe the capacity. Noah put his bowl next to his frien (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Stay and play
We were very proud to show our grown ups round and share our learning with them during stay and play on Friday. We showed them our diva pots that we have made for Diwali and they helped us to paint and decorate them. (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Name writing
Leah wrote her name confidently using chalk outside. She held the chalk in a modified tripod grasp using her right hand. Leah was able to name each letter in her name. (More)