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Miss Archer wrote: Sharing star wars book
This week Jamie has really enjoyed sharing his Star Wars book s with his friendship. Jamie was very very enthusiastic to share his book with his friends, showing them each chacarter as they looked through each page. Jamie turned the pages one at a ti (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Juicy nectar
Annie and I were chatting and we talked about how Annie had seen a bee the other day. "I saw a bee in the garden and if you're really still and sensible then they won't bother you. They just want the juicy nectar from the flowers, that's all!" Annie (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Asking questions
Oliver listened attentively as his friend shared his busy bee news. His friend spoke about when  he went on an aeroplane for the first time to Spain during the half term holidays. After he had finished, Oliver out his hand up to ask a question- "was (More)
Miss Archer wrote: I'm the mummy
Vy was playing with her friends in the home corner with the dolls. She was passed the doll by her friend. "Give me the doll, I'm the mummy' you're the sister" she told her friend. (More)
Miss Archer wrote: How I made it...
Eddie has made a model in the construction area and told me all about how he had made it. "First we got them 2 pieces, then we got them 2 and out them next to it, then Next we got the big one and then the little one there. Then we put the 3 small (More)
Miss Archer wrote: Lots of people
Freddie was building in the construction area. He chose to use the wooden people as part of his game. "Who need a wooden person? I have lots of wooden persons!" He said to his friends. I talked to Freddie about when we have more than one person , we (More)
Miss Archer wrote: What we did...
iris came to tell me about what she had been doing in her area of learning. "On thecaroet in Pearl we made a class, me and Maisie made a classroom. All of the kids were having a sleep and the teacher was on a big chair, Maisie made it bigger, mine wa (More)
George and I were chatting as he played in the water tray. "Do you remember when the scientist came to school?" He asked me. I said that yes I did, could George remember what he did? "He made the slime for the elephant toothpaste, it fizzed up all wa (More)